Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nomads for a Day

The other day there were people working on the house putting new shingles on. Our landlords kept us in the loop and we knew they were coming and we thought that it would still be possible to work here in the house while they were working on the roof...we were wrong.
I spent the morning studying for the bar then grabbed lunch with a friend. When I got in touch with Calhoun he let me know he had escaped the cluster of our house and wanted to spend the afternoon studying at a coffee shop! Although we've been together for a long time, we've never studied together at a coffee shop (why buy coffee when you can make it at home for free??), so I was excited!

coffee cups at Turtle Bread

A new Turtle Bread just opened in our neighborhood so we went to check it out. It was awesome! First, they came into a building that has been sitting un-used for years, so we were happy to see a good business go into the space. Second, they did some remodeling but also kept a lot of the charm of the building, so the place is filled with great, sharp word work and open windows and white subway tiles in the bakery area (I'm mildly obsessed with subway tiles right now). Third, the soup and pie were awesome and the coffee refills were free. Finally, we brought Sogn and sat outside and he was so well behaved (he was exhausted after a ten mile run/bike with Calhoun). It was a great way to spend the late afternoon.

Sogn at Turtle Bread

strawberry rubarb pie at Turtle Bread

We left Turtle Bread just before they closed at 6, drove past the house to see that the crew was still here so we grabbed our wooden nickels from Tracy's and headed over for their tacos.

One of my favorite things about Tracy's is the diverse patronage of the place, different people at different times of the day. We first started going to Tracy's on taco nights, but usually post 8 pm so we could catch the wooden nickel happy hour - 8 pm on a Thursday is the start of the weekend for undergrads and about 10 pm the place would always start to get packed with Augsburg students getting a jump start on the weekend (ahh...I remember those wonderful college days). Then we discovered the amazing date night on Friday, date night has different attendance than the thirsty Thursday crowd. We've also nabbed a few other cheap meals at Tracy's, lunches and the half priced burgers. But, we've never been there early on a taco night and we had a great time in the chill atmosphere, used our wooden nickels and loved the discount on our tab.

Finally, we came home and the crew was just finishing. The house looks great and we had a fun, mid-week nomadic adventure!

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