Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mile 8.5: Caught in the Rain

My goal of running took a serious hit when the weather chilled. But the weather actually feels nice again so I've been running (and procrastinating).

The other day I got caught in the rain while running and it was awesome. It's actually the first time that's ever happened to me, as I'm usually so against running that any sign of bad weather sends me back to the couch and my knitting.

Not only was it great to feel a little tough and get rained on, but I loved the smells of running in the rain! When Snelling was here a few weeks ago she said she was looking forward to running in Minneapolis instead of Chicago. I was intrigued, because Snelling runs in some pretty awesome places when she runs in Chicago, but she said that she was just really looking forward to the smells of running in Minneapolis, the fresh air, grass, rain, that remind you in the deepest sense that it is, in fact, spring.

So, as I conquered mile 8.5 (remember, this is a total mileage count not a per-run mileage count) I was glad for the cool down, the smells and I enjoyed being caught in the rain.

My Minnesota Mile Count: 8.5

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  1. Running in the rain is so fun!! Especially when it catches you off guard, and then you realized that you welcome the cool down!

    And Minneapolis smells so much better than Chicago!! Lucky duck!

    Awesome job on your running!!!!!