Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Cooking Extravaganza

Since Calhoun and I are both full-time graduate students we are semi-professional procrastinators.

Harriet + Calhoun + raw ingredients + 15 inches of snow = COOKING EXTRAVAGANZA

When Calhoun gets an idea in his head he's kind of un-stoppable. A few weeks ago he bought lasagna noodles on sale at the grocery store and he's been talking about lasagna ever since. So on Saturday we finally made some lasagna!

We found a recipe online for the No. 1 Best Lasagna Recipe. It looks long and complicated, but once we had all the ingredients together it was actually really easy. Best of all, it is delicious! The only modification was made was to add Italian Bread Crumbs on top for a little crunch and texture.

For breakfast on Sunday we we made Martha Stewart's Best Buttermilk Pancakes. We had leftover buttermilk from baking Red Velvet Cupcakes for Valentines Day. We also had bacon from Everett's Food and Meats. Buttermilk pancakes, bacon and coffee. Breakfast can't go wrong with those elements!

Sunday night we made White Chicken Chili from the McCormick's Seasoning Packet Recipe. It was easy and delicious, and of course, we added bacon :)

Then today, after a failed attempt yesterday, we made bread! And by "we" I really mean Calhoun. We used the classic recipe out of The Joy of Cooking. Now we have three beautiful loaves of fresh, homemade wheat bread.


  1. All of it sounds so good!! Perfect for a snowy weekend!

  2. Nice work on all that cooking! Sounds delicious!