Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Thaw Means a Stroll Through Downtown

These past few weeks have been very busy. I've been managing responsibilities at school, work and my late classes are feeling really late when they don't get out until 8 pm. The good thing about my busy schedule is that I can walk from school to work, so when I have a few hours I can run over there, put in some face time and get work done, then make it back to school.

Anyone who rushes through downtown skyways knows that, if your cruising inside for ten blocks, you get hot. Temperatures aren't regulated, some buildings or skyways are really warm and balmy and some feel like they're not insulated at all. I don't wear my coat to work during the winter because I can stay inside the whole time. But, staying inside means that I'm inside all day. And, as previously stated, my days are very long these days.

But today - today was beautiful! Temperatures in Minneapolis were in the low 50's and I was able to walk to work outside! No jacket. Just a suit coat, the sun, and me.

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