Monday, January 24, 2011

U.S. Pond Hockey Championships

The U.S. Pond Hockey Championships were this weekend on Lake Nokomis. The first pond hockey championship was held in 2006. I've always wanted to go, but a combination of college, travel and cold weather have kept me away, but not this year! Calhoun and I made a not-so-early run to REI to pick up some snow pants then went to Lake Nokomis. Luckily, parking was free, the temperatures were just below freezing and the chili was steaming hot.

It was AWESOME! There were 25 rinks, filled with players who skated 30 minutes games all day Saturday and Sunday. Calhoun and I didn't go with much of a plan so we just wandered around and watched the games that we stumbled upon, including a team sporting Northstar Jersey's.

One of my favorite parts of being at the Championships was the clothing. I spend a lot of time in downtown Minneapolis and I'm sometimes dismayed at the winter weather clothing selections that are made by some people. I'm a big believer that sometimes stiletto heels are just plain old inappropriate and hats are absolutely necessary. And the clothing choices for the Championships were very smart and very Minnesotan! There was a lot of Carhart gear and Sorel boots, all looking well worn and well loved.

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