Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I love my neighborhood. We're close to parks and the river and it's a straight shot to school. I also love it because many of our friends call this area home. I think part of the reason is that Calhoun and a bunch of his buddies lived in a house over here, so when it came time for them to all grow up and move out of the bachelor pad they knew the neighborhood and chose to stay here.

Saturday night, as the snow was slowing down, I got a call from Catalina. I figured she was stuck somewhere in the neighborhood and needed someone to come push her out of a snowbank, so I answered. And, to my great surprise, she wanted to know if they could come over and hang out. Apparently they were on their way to the Riverview Winebar and arrived to find it closed - and needed somewhere else to go as they were all suffering from cabin fever. I was a little hesitant, I had been in my sweatpants all day and my finals studying had exploded all over the kitchen table. I asked who she was with, she said she was with the D.D.S. and Boston, and Calhoun immediately extended the invite.

So, we put together a little display of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, hard liquor and coca-cola to welcome our friends. They came in covered in snow and with some pictures from the walk that I've included here. Thank goodness for Catalina and her working camera!

This is not my car, but my car looked exactly like this before Calhoun dug it out of the snowbank.

Now, I'm a big believer in the board game "Sorry!". Calhoun and I play it a lot and I love it because it's a game, when between two people, that is of pure luck. Our win-lose ratio is basically 50-50. It doesn't create any arguments, especially because when you flip that "Sorry!" card, you have to sorry the other person!

When you play with a full board of four people though, it's a different story. Especially when a few of those people grew up playing with their brothers, and are jerks, and take you out just to take you out! It was not very Minnesota Nice, but it certainly was a lot of fun. I highly recommend all board games the next time you have a snow day!


  1. If only Suzi and I lived close enough to wander by!

  2. Haha hey! I am NOT a jerk. I said sorry each time.

  3. You said "sorry" because the rules require you to - not because you meant it!