Thursday, October 28, 2010

Many More Degrees to Go

I love fall. I heard someone say the other day that they hate fall, only because it's a tease and it's too short to really enjoy. Like so many others, I love the colors of the leaves, the chilly weather, the sweaters and the nervous energy - every day wondering if this is the last nice day.

Another reason I love fall is because I have a fall wardrobe. It's a wardrobe filled with scarves, long sleeved t-shirts and cute wool jackets. It's just chilly enough to justify wearing sweatshirts and turtlenecks, but not cold enough require winter survival gear, which is generally not fashionable.

I also like fall because it's the cool down - sometimes gentle and sometimes severe - that gets you adjusted to the bitter Minnesota winter that's surely on its way. As you pull out your fall clothes you can inventory your winter ones, making sure you're equipped and mentally preparing for the bitter winds and ice covered roads that are on their way.

And, something that perennially concerns me about fall is the people who don't seem to know that there are many more degrees to go before we hit the bitter cold days of the season. You know who I'm talking about - those poor souls wearing stocking caps, mittens, heavy duty down and scarves around their faces. Mostly, these folks are transplants, here in Minnesota from kinder climates on account of scholarships, jobs or just plain stupidity.

Now, don't mistake my words, I love Minnesota and I actually really like the winter. But is has taken me a few decades to amass the winter wear and the mental attitude required to handle the weather around here. I worry when, on a 40 or 43 degree day, fresh transplants are already sporting their heaviest winter gear.

There are many more degrees to go - don't break out the heavy winter jacket yet!


  1. I love how you call them transplants! I was one of those once, and totally not prepared for winter in Minnesota. I didn't even have a proper winter jacket or boots!!

  2. You were a transplant...although you didn't stay very long! And - how do you not own the right gear? You're from South Dakota?!