Sunday, July 25, 2010

Powdered Sugar Goodness

Went to church this morning. We have a neighborhood Lutheran church that we love and we've been going since we got married nine months ago. The music is wonderful and the preaching is very good - but our attendance has dropped a bit this summer. We went this morning with a friend who is church shopping and felt a little less guilty when we got there and realized that we aren't the only people who find it more difficult to get up and attend during the summer. Despite the smaller attendance - we were at the early service - I left feeling wonderful and refreshed.

And then we went to A Baker's Wife (4200 28th Ave, Minneapolis) for pastries.

I love this place. One of the reasons I love it because it's a very no-nonsense kind of establishment. There are a few tables outside on the sidewalk and about six chairs inside but it's mostly the kind of place where you go to pick up a half dozen pastries for $10 and then walk around the lake and enjoy the crispy, buttery, fruity, chocolate goodness. The line usually loops around once inside the shop, and in a very non-Minnesota way you find yourself yelling across people around you to place your order.

Another reason I love it is because selection and quality of the pastries is wonderful. The pastries are large, and there's not question that all parties benefit from sharing. They have a great combination of fruity and sweet pastries. This morning I had a blueberry cream cheese turnover and Calhoun had a chocolate croissant. Not to mention they have the best donuts in the cities...doughy deep fried frosting covered goodness. And, it's an old-school bakery that rewards the early riser, their legendary ham and cheese croissants were gone by the time we arrived about 10 am.

And, they have this cow statue outside. How could you not love this place?!

Then, to work off the blueberry cream cheese turnover I went on a ride with Uptown. She's training for a triathlon and totally kicked my butt, but it was fun to get out on the trails and see all kinds of people enjoying the Minnesota weather, just like we were!

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