Monday, June 7, 2010

Not Minnesota-Nice, but Defitely Minnesota-Necessary

We have a fence!

As many of you faithful readers know, when we first moved into our house it had a short chain link fence around the backyard. The fence was fine, but we live on a corner lot and somehow managed to get the landlords to agree to put a fence in this summer. Upgrade! The existence of the chain link fence and the promise of a tall wooden fence is part of the reason we got Sogn, we would not have gotten a golden retriever puppy if we didn't have a fenced in backyard.

What we didn't realize when we lived here for those first few months sans Sogn was that our street is very high traffic - and when you put an adorable, friendly, golden retriever puppy in the backyard it becomes the neighborhood petting zoo.

And, because we're Minnesota-Nice we wouldn't chase people away with pitchforks and gunshots as I maybe would have liked. This "yes, you can pet my dog and let him lick your face" attitude reached it's limit when our nosy neighbor lady actually let herself into the backyard to pet Sogn when we weren't there. To the beat of my heightened heart rate I had to tell the neighbor, well intentioned hippy that she is, that she could not come into our fenced backyard when we're not there.

And finally, after two weeks of construction, we have a beautiful, 6 foot tall cedar fence. We can leave Sogn in the backyard and not worry about neighbors without boundaries or him jumping over the fence to chase the squirrels across the street.

Definitely not Minnesota-Nice, but definitely Minnesota-Necessary.

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  1. Wow- this is for SURE not Minnesota nice:)