Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Butter Anyone?

Calhoun manages to sneak butter, beer and brown sugar into almost everything he cooks. I try not to watch him make his delicious mashed potatoes because I believe that if I don't know what's in there then those calories don't count. But, on the few occasions that I haven't been able to tear myself away I have seen him add two sticks of butter and a whole container of sour cream to the potatoes. I have since learned that he got many of his cooking tips from his grandmother. Drizzles of honey, pinches of brown sugar and pours of beer make just about everything better! Since Calhoun and I began having dinners together years ago, I have learned to appreciate the value of half and half, fatty hamburger (did you know fat is necessary to keep the burger together) and olive oil. I like to think that I have taught him about the importance of white rice, soy sauce and noodles.

Tonight Calhoun made banana bread (don't I have the best husband?!) and he brought me an over-sized banana bread muffin...complete with three tablespoons of butter. No, I did not eat all three tablespoons, but given my new found appreciation of all things fatty and delicious I thought about it.


  1. my mother and grandmother totally do this :)

    "everything's better with butter!"

  2. It does make everything better...I just hate thinking about how much of it I consume!

  3. LOVE IT! I do the same... It's good for the soul :)